Connect to your heart and freedom to live the life of your dreams inspired by the ocean

„The sea is the last free place on earth.“   Ernest Hemingway

„Trust your heart. Value its intuition. Choose to let  go of fear and open up to the truth and you will awaken to freedom, clarity and joy of being.“        Mooji

Freedom is for me the opportunity to lead a life in which I can follow my heart, in which I can express my personality and my talents. Freedom is the love for individuality and diversity. Freedom is to go your own authentic way, to make your unique light shine and to bring it into the world.

Freedom is also the responsibility to take charge of your own life. Freedom can sometimes be a difficult task if you feel overwhelmed by the many choices. But to have the choice, to decide: Who do I want to be? How do I want to live? is the biggest gift we have.

Freedom is the love for life and I firmly believe that we can find freedom in ourselves, that we can get our freedom with an open heart and mind. Freedom needs courage, courage to show yourself authentically, courage to follow your heart and your intuition.

The path to this inner freedom is a unique and individual path because it is shaped by our past, our experiences, especially those of our childhood. Painful and traumatic experiences have shaped us up to this degree that we have self-limiting thoughts and lack of confidence in ourselves and in life.

Sometimes these events also lead to chronic diseases such as an autoimmune disease, as in my case, and although the prospects for a complete cure were not very favorable, I got healed because I went my way of freedom.

I know that there is not one method, the one truth and whiteness to heal oneself and to live an authentic life, but I know that we need sometimes help to get on our individual path to freedom, that we need support to heal our past, to regain self-confidence and courage to go our own way and follow our dreams.

If you are wondering how I can help you, I would like to offer you to go with you on your way to freedom, to help you to find this freedom in yourself, to help you to discover the courage and magic to live your true, authentic self and to get you on the way of your heart, the way of your dreams. I would like to support you to develop courage, hope and trust in life and in yourself, encourage you as a mentor on your way to freedom and authenticity.

Your path to freedom will also help you to balance your body. You will feel connected to your intuition again. The way to freedom is always a way to restore your connection of body, mind and soul which is often lost in the stressful daily life.

This is how I can help you: as a connection between you and the freedom of the ocean, as a mentor to find your way to your authentic self, to your freedom. This journey to freedom is from my experience a unique adventure with ups and downs but I do not want to miss a day of it, because every day has led to my recovery and a happier life and I would like to share these experiences and insights with you to help you to get more confidence and clarity in your life.

If you want my support on your journey to freedom and if you would like to know more, if you have more questions, write me and let me know what you have on your mind. Because I can and will only be able to help you if we go together in a way that is individually and personally tailored for you. Individuality and one's own personality are very important to me, so there is no rigid program or method that will help you. It will be your own and unique way.

I'm glad to hear from you and don't be afraid, even if freedom can sometimes trigger that in us. I know that you can do it, to live your freedom.

If you would like to leave a message or get an answer to your questions send an email and click the button below:

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  • The ocean will set you free

The ocean was and is for me my teacher and healer.
The ocean is the epitome of freedom, and so I have gained my way to freedom through the ocean.
The ocean is my inspiration and has led me to my authentic self.
There is this deep connection to the ocean and the world out there,
there is this connection to you.
There is this deep confidence in the intuition and the own creativity,
felt in the silence of the ocean.
The freedom of the ocean can also help you to find your freedom.
The ocean will set you free.